360° Brand Management

Branding is not just a great tool for your business; it is EVERYTHING. A strong brand is the most valuable asset of a business or any entity. Not only does it guarantee the organization a steady revenue, it insures a business from the worst of recessions.

With our wealth of brand intelligence, Brandnet gives you that competitive and differential advantage that renders your competition irrelevant. The Brandnet Way.

Are you a start-up, social enterprise/NGO, established business, Government, Destination Point, Individual, or any other unique entity in need of brand management professionals? Welcome home.

You’re either a brand or you’re bland. Our job is to walk you through the process of building an addictive brand that neutralises your competition while delivering innovative values.

Your journey to becoming the next big brand starts here. Right now.

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Marketing and Advertising

How do you know that your great idea, product or service is indeed great for the market?

Brandnet helps with this validation through rigorous research and development, from one location to the next, developing concepts and frameworks to test different feedbacks from the market to determine the viability of an idea, product, or service and thus build a ready market.

Our advertising services takes a 360° spin from:

  1. Above-the-Line (ATL) Promotions: Television, Radio, Print (Newspaper and Magazines).
  2. Below-the-Line (BTL) Promotions: Outdoor Advertising (Billboards, Flags, wraps, banners, Mobile Advertising etc), Direct Mail Advertising, Sponsorship, Brand Activations, In-store Marketing, etc.
  3. Through-the-Line (TTL) Promotions: a combination of ATL and BTL (above); Digital Marketing.

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Media Communications/PR

We strategically create riveting media content geared towards enhancing a brand’s essence. From TV shows, radio shows, online concepts and other engagements in between, we formulate unique and unconventional media programs that grab your audience’s attention.

We are the proud owners of Brands TV Network, the first exclusive TV network for brands globally, offering an unprecedented array of ‘brandtainment’ like never before, one of which is Dr. Brands TV Show a weekly telecast that showcases exciting brands and creates instant brand loyalty. We’re also the publisher of African Brands Magazine, a detailed resource for brands to keep up with current trends across industries and sectors, from the brand perspective.

Our strategy is to study your brand’s essence and story, and create a media engagement around it. One that sells.

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Business Development

At the core of all we do is Strategy. We develop best practices for:

  • Internal/External Communications.
  • Product/Service Development.
  • B2B/B2C Operations.
  • Expansions, Market Entry, Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Business and Legal Documents.
  • Brokerage Services.
  • Company Registrations
  • Product Registrations (NAFDAC, ISO, Trademark, Patent, Copyright etc).

International Trade and Investments

  • Imports & Exports
  • Market Entry
  • International
  • Exhibitions and Expos
  • Partnership Facilitation
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