Online Certification Course in Brand Management

How are great companies built?

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, MTN, Total, British Airways, Dangote Group, UBA, Zaron, Obama Foundation, Heineken etc.

Great Brands…

But they have a common denominator. Something that connects them all…


Study each of these brands and you’ll discover the wealth of brand capabilities they possess. An unending branding strategy constantly being deployed to build a better brand.

A successful brand is the most valuable asset to your organization. And now you can learn the ‘scientific art’ of building yours too.

This 4-Week Intensive Online Certification Program will guarantee you the following:

  • Understand How Great Brands are Built.
  • Learn How to Apply Global Best Branding Practices to your self and/or Organisation.
  • Equip Your Team with a Sound Brand Strategy
  • Launch Successful Products and Services

This course is designed for CEOs, Brand Owners, Marketing Enthusiasts, Startups, Employees and anyone passionate about the world of branding.

You will receive a complete training kit comprising of Brand Automation Softwares, Brand Plan Models, Training Manuals, Practical Handbooks and other Literary Resources.

You will also enjoy post-training support as you begin applying your training to your brand(s).

Registration commences on the 25th of September and closes on the 15th of October.

Training Starts on the 21st of October and runs till 20th of November.

Application Form – N10,000
Training – N80,000
Certification – N10,000

Account Information:
Zenith Bank

Please direct further questions and enquiries to:
+234 803 846 4596
+234 808 079 6148

Access this Free Content Marketing Course here

Free Certification Course

Content Marketing Certification Course

This certification course will give you an overview of how to become an effective content marketer. Find all the information here

Make Money Using Pinterest…

An Online short Course

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Monetizing Pinterest” – Driving Pinterest Traffic to Your Blog

  • Without any prior knowledge, you’ll master the basics of HTML, become proficient in syntax, and track the tackiest terminology.
  • You’ll start creating and viewing HTML documents on your computer or handheld device.
  • You’ll master all the tricks in the trade for creating and positioning headings, paragraphs, linkages, and images on your website.

If you’re planning a long-term social media strategy, you won’t regret having started with this course.

Make Money Using Pinterest…

YouTube MasterClass

Your Complete Guide to Video Branding

Immensely popular with more than 55,000 learners enrolled, YouTube Masterclass created by Phil Ebiner and Michael Moyer gives you everything you want to know about building a footprint in video branding.

Through the span of 105 mini videos divided into 16 topics, taking all of 7 hours, you get a bird’s eye view regarding logo design, USP marketing, and conceptual planning.

You’ll learn about preserving brand consistency, and no matter what you do or promote, your core personality and company values shine through clearly.

With this course, three gains are guaranteed:

  • You’ll grow your brand by creating a successful YouTube channel.
  • It becomes possible to create high-quality videos within a reasonable budget.
  • You’ll know how to increase your subscriber base and make the channel earn money consistently for you.

Certification Programs

Brandnet Training

Brand Building Trainings

Brandnet offers premium high-in-demand trainings and programs that are designed to earn you significant credibility, relevance, industry competency, and higher patronage.